IMPEL Multi Annual Strategic Programme (MASP)

IMPEL has developed procedures based around project management techniques that allow it to operate effectively. The general framework for IMPEL projects and activities is its Multi Annual Strategic Programme (MASP). The Multi Annual Strategic Programme 2013-15 presents background information and the key priorities of IMPEL’s work. It draws on the previous Multi Annual Work Programme 2007-12 and on the European Commission’s 7th Environmental Action Plan Consultation Document and its Communication on Implementation (COM(2012) 95 final). Together, these seek to deliver four important outcomes to:

  1. Implement EU legislation effectively to deliver better environmental outcomes;
  2. Integrate climate and environment into policies and instruments;
  3. Align environmental policy and practice to latest scientific knowledge; and
  4. Fill environmental policy gaps where justified by scientific knowledge and in line with the precautionary approach.

Cluster Multi Annual Work programmes (CMAWP)

For the IMPEL TFS Cluster a Multi Annual Work Programme was adopted highlighting the future activities relative to this cluster. Read more on the IMPEL TFS MAWP here.

2014 Annual Work Programme (AWP)

In 2014, IMPEL is carrying out 20 projects. A summary of the projects is described in the AWP. Read more on the 2014 AWP here.