IMPEL Review Malta – At a Glance

Outcomes of the IMPEL Review of the Maltese Environmental Protection Agency

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New outreach material: Enforcement Actions Project Abstract

Learn about one of the key IMPEL projects: Waste Shipments Enforcement Actions

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Better Implementation for the Future

A new strategic direction: IMPEL’s focus and priorities for the next few years and its strategy to meet the challenges ahead.

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New: IMPEL Brochure

IMPEL recently published a brochure about the network, including its areas of work, the organisational structure and an overview of member organisations.

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Latest news

General 17 Dec 2014

Waste prevention: decoupling waste generation from economic growth

Preventing waste is a top priority of waste policy in the European Union with potential economic and environmental benefits. A new European Environment Agency (EEA)...

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Emissions Trading (EU-ETS) 03 Dec 2014

Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions lower in 2013, however, increases recorded in agriculture, transport and households

The Irish EPA released provisional greenhouse gas emissions figures today which show that total greenhouse gas emissions fell by 0.7% to 57.81 million tonnes in...

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General 03 Dec 2014

EU Court issues financial penalties for not complying with the EU Waste Directives

On 2 December the European Court of Justice issued high fines againgst Italy and Greece for failing to comply with the obligations under the EU Waste Directive. Greece In...

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General 02 Dec 2014

INTERPOL environmental working group meetings enhance collaboration

LYON, France – Designing a joint international strategy to tackle environmental crime is the focus of a series of Environmental Crime Working Group Meetings being...

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General 24 Nov 2014

New EU-Eurojust report reveals organised crime groups behind environmental crimes

A new report by Eurojust, the EU’s judicial cooperation body, reveals that organised crime groups (OCGs) are behind cross-border environmental crime. At the same...

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General 20 Nov 2014

The Court clarifies Member States’ obligations as regards respecting the limit values for nitrogen dioxide

When a Member State finds that the limit values cannot be respected before the deadline fixed by  the Air Quality Directive and wishes to postpone that deadline...

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Upcoming Events

Cross-cutting Expert Team

March 10, 2015 12:00 pm to March 11, 2015 12:00 pm.
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
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Key Highlights

14 Aug 2014

IMPEL 2013 Conference Recommendations: Understanding the Implementation Gap, Simpler Legislation and Greater Support for Enforcement Agencies

The IMPEL 2013 Conference on Implementation & Enforcement of Environmental legislation “Working...
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30 Jul 2014

European countries continue to tackle illegal waste shipments together

Regulatory authorities from 30 European countries have joined forces to combat illegal waste shipments....
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14 May 2014

IMPEL agrees new Strategy

IMPEL has agreed a change to its strategic direction and its organisation as part of a plan to make its...
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