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Linking the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) to the implementation of the IPPC Directive, phase 1

  • Number: 2010/08
  • Status: Finalised
  • Period: 2010
  • Lead Country: Netherlands and Austria

  • Project team countries:
    The Netherlands and Austria

  • Participating countries:
    The Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Institute for European Environmental Policy

Executive Summary

How can we  ensure that both  licensing and enforcement are WFD and IPPC proof? How can permits attribute to achieving both IPPC and WFD goals? These two questions are the main focus of this project.

Project description

An important objective of this project is to define the relationship (complementary and competition) between IPPC implementation and WFD implementation from the scope of permitting, enforcement and data collection. Also other relevant directives are taken into account e.g. priority substances directive (2008/106/EC) and urban waste water treatment directive (91/271/EC).  Another goal is to make an inventory of problems and best practices in the member states, with regard to permitting, enforcement, data collection and data collection systems. Thirdly the aim is to provide recommendations for competent authorities to contribute to better implementation and enforcement of the WFD requirements and the (reviewed) IPPC directive, to contribute to better performance of environmental inspections and permits in the Member States.