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IMPEL Review Initiative, Phase 4: 7th Review: Sweden March 2005

  • Number: 2005/02
  • Status: Finalised
  • Period: 2005
  • Lead Country: Sweden

  • Project team countries:
    Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and UK.

  • Participating countries:
    Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and UK.

Executive Summary

The Recommendation on Minimum Criteria for Environmental Inspections (RMCEI) invited IMPEL “…to consider the establishment of a review scheme, under which Member States report and offer advice on inspectorates and inspection procedures.” The result is a series of projects known as the IMPEL Review Initiative. The objective of this project is to undertake an IRI review of the County Administrative Board of Stockholm and the Environment and Public Health Committee of the municipal Södertälje, Sweden in accordance with the principles in Section 1.1 and the “IRI Review Guidance and Questionnaire” approved at the IMPEL Meeting at Falun in June 2001 taking into consideration the report from a workshop in Bristol October 2003 “IMPEL (IRI) Phase 4: Review of Trial Scheme”.

Project description

This report describes the results of the seventh review of Phase 4 of the IMPEL Review Initiative (IRI) Project. This review was carried out in March 2005 by the kind co-operation of Sweden.

These findings are set out in terms of examples of good practice for other Member State Inspecting Authorities and in terms of opportunities for development by the host Inspecting Authority.

Further lessons for the review process were also noted and are recorded in the report.