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Exploring qualitative and quantitative assessment tools to evaluate the performance of environmental inspectorates across the EU

  • Number: 2011/08
  • Status: Finalised
  • Period: 2011
  • Lead Country: UK

  • Project team countries:

  • Participating countries:
    UK, Hungary, Italy, Norway and France.

Executive Summary

To provide a better and more comprehensive  insight  into the opportunities to use various tools to assess and compare performance of inspectorates across the EU. The findings will feed into the  current debate  on Member State and EU level on evaluating the performance of inspectorates across the EU as part of the ongoing discussion on the further development of the RMCEI.

Project description

This project follows on from two previous IMPEL projects (Brainstorming on indicators and Indicators Pilot project). The first project collated a long list of indicators used in Member States and selected a small number for further testing in the second project.  The Pilot project then tested these indicators in a small number of volunteer Member States. It concluded that setting general indicators as a stand alone tool with the aim of comparing the performance of inspecting authorities in the EU is not meaningful.

The cluster 1 meeting recommended to broaden the discussion to other assessment tools.