Water and land

Consciousness of the threat represented by quality and quantity degradation of water resources has increased over the years. As well as problems related to poor management of land and soils. The presence of a number of different administrative and enforcement structures operating in a single thematic area, the need to operate in a defined strategical line set up by framework directives and insufficient evidence, data and information, are reported as major causes for implementation gap. This consequently can endanger the capability of Water Managers in planning adequate interventions.

In order to deal with these challenges, the Water and Land Expert Team is taking into consideration two approaches:

  • a traditional one, from IMPEL’s point of view, to Environmental protection, based on inspection and promotion; and
  • a relatively innovative one,  which looks at environmental monitoring as instrument to support strategic planning required by Framework Directives

The topics of the activity, in this view, will be enforceable duties directly or indirectly related to directives such as Water Framework Directive, Nitrates Directive, Marine Strategy directives; also, projects related to Water and soil protection in IED will be taken into consideration. Agricultural issues will be considered with a special focus, due to the direct potential impact of this human activity on the water environment and on soil, and the complex framework of enforcement responsabilities

Key areas

  • Permitting, monitoring and inspection in water and land areas
  • Water Management
  • Promotion of best and innovative practices, support to their development
  • Support to Planning Managers in implementation of Framework and Strategy Directives on W&L topics
  • Agriculture
  • Cross Compliance in CAP

Relevant legislation

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