Waste and TFS

The scope of the Waste and TFS Expert Team is on the practical implementation and enforcement of international and European Waste Shipment and Waste Management rules. The aim of the network is to promote compliance with the European Waste Shipment Regulation and Waste Management Directives through enforcement, to carry out joint enforcement projects, to promote exchange of knowledge, best practices and experience with the enforcement of the regulations and directives and to stimulate a uniform enforcement regime. This is done by awareness raising and capacity building activities, facilitating inter-agency and cross-border collaboration and operational enforcement activities.  Members of the cluster represent environmental authorities, but also customs and police services and other authorities that play a role in the enforcement of the transfrontier shipments and management of waste.

Key areas

  • Waste shipments
  • WEEE and E-waste
  • Landfills

Relevant legislation

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