National Peer Review Initiative (NPRI) project kick off

On 17 and 18 July 2019 the first project team meeting of the National Peer Review Initiative (NPRI) was held in Athens, Greece. The meeting was kindly hosted by the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. The team consists of representatives of Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, the Republic of North Macedonia and Albania. Finland will follow the works as observer. Some more countries are expected to join the project soon.

NPRI project team Athens 2019
NPRI Project Team July 2019

Giuseppe Sgorbati (ARPA Lombardia – Italy) and Pieter-Jan van Zanten (Omgevingsdienst IJsselland – The Netherlands) are leading the project.

The general objective of this project is to develop a systematic approach for a National Peer Review Initiative, based on flexibility and specific country needs.

The desired outcome is to increase the capability, at various levels, local, regional, national and organisational, in order to:

  • understand the degree of homogeneity and harmonisation of the performance of competent authorities in environmental matters, such as implementation, inspection, permitting, planning
  • share good practices
  • foster processes in order to contribute to a better harmonised implementation of environmental legislation
  • facilitate the improvement of performance

Furthermore, the project aims to set the basis for a better understanding of the common needs within competent authorities (e.g. training, common rules, documents, type of instruments and technical support) and to determine how mutual support could be delivered within or by a National Network of authorities to achieve these results. The project will provide IMPEL members with a new concept and approach, including guidance on how a NPRI scheme could be implemented, and how adequate support can be delivered.

The project will establish a core group of experts able to implement a NPRI in their country, as well as support its implementation in other countries.

The project will be carried out from 2019 till early 2021.

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