Lots of action at IMPEL Supporting IED Implementation Workshops and Industry & Air Expert Team Meeting, Spain

 More than 60 experts from different competent authorities across Europe went to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) 21 to 25 October to participate in different workshops of the Industry & Air Expert Team’s longer running project: “Supporting IED Implementation”. The week was kicked off with a Mutual Joint Visit to an intensive rearing of pigs installation, which was followed the next day with dedicated discussion of topics from the 2017 Best Available Techniques (BAT) conclusions, for the intensive rearing of poultry or pigs in 4 different workshops.At the same time there was a Joint Inspection to a non-ferrous crude metals installation that was performed by local inspectors and 4 inspectors from different Member States (MS). The Mutual Joint Visits and Joint Inspections are considered amongst the members as a good example of exchanging expertise and practices in-situ.The next 2 days were filled with simultaneous workshops and updates from the different Supporting IED Implementation subgroups that are working and gathering best practices on a range of issues that are important to all regulators (both permitters and inspectors), namely:

  • Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Regulatory Practice (ICCARP).
  • Different Aspects of BAT Application.
  • BAT in Industrial Wastewater.
  • Baseline report – monitoring of soil and ground water.
  • Odours coming from farming and industry.
  • Lessons learnt from joint inspections

To wrap up this fruitful work week, the Industry & Air Expert Team met on the last day to present and discuss the results of the 2019 projects and to brainstorm about the working programme for next year and beyond.

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