Lessons Learnt from Industrial Accidents

Once every 2 years, the French Ministry for an Ecological and Solidary Transition organises a seminar on Lessons Learnt from Industrial Accidents on behalf of the IMPEL Network.

The last edition took place in May 2019 in Rennes. Around 300 participants, inspectors of the environment for the greater part, including 43 representing about 20 countries, discussed 14 recent accidents. The analysis of disruption factors and root causes, known or supposed, is rigorous and distinguishes technical, human and organizational levels.

Various issues have been covered, such as controlling the new risks, preventing multiple failures, the search for root causes, and the safe subcontracting. The European inspectorate systems of France, Germany, Italy and Poland were presented by representatives of each country. IMPEL chair Dimitris Dermatas presented the different missions of the IMPEL Network.

Seminar proceedings can be found here.

European inspectors are very welcome to join the next edition in 2021.

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