Greek Ombudsman to join IMPEL

IMPEL welcomes a new member into the network: the Greek Ombudsman.

The Greek Ombudsman is an independent administrative authority, whose aim, according to its founding law, is to protect citizens’ rights, combat maladministration and ensure observance of the laws. Within its framework, the Greek Ombudsman also seeks to ensure and safeguard environmental protection. It seeks to contribute to the improvement of the quality of services provided by public administration and aims at promoting a new administrative culture, the key element of which is the principle that the primary mission of the administration is to serve citizens and the public interest.

According to Greek Ombudsman mr. Andreas I. Pottakis: “Membership at IMPEL would assist the institution to achieve compliance more quickly by recurring to a large pool of shared knowledge skills and good practice, to more effectively coordinate action and cross-border cooperation between countries in the enforcement of regulations combating illegal cross-border movements of waste and to strengthen communication between different actors and networks.”

IMPEL has 56 members from 36 countries.

IMPEL is a network of environmental authorities of the EU Member States, acceding and candidate countries of the European Union, EEA and EFTA countries and is registered as an international non-profit association. IMPEL ‘s focus is on awareness raising, capacity building, exchanging information and experiences on implementation, international enforcement collaboration as well as promoting and supporting the practicability and enforceability of European environmental legislation.

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