First Global Register of Introduced and Invasive Species

Harmonised, representative data on the state of biological invasions remain inadequate at country and global scales, particularly for taxa that affect biodiversity and ecosystems. Information is not readily available in a form suitable for policy and reporting. The Global Register of Introduced and Invasive Species (GRIIS) provides the first country-wise checklists of introduced (naturalised) and invasive species. GRIIS was conceived to provide a sustainable platform for information delivery to support national governments.

The new registry, published in the journal Scientific Data, is expected to become a pillar of international efforts to fight extinction alongside the “red list” of endangered species.

Data from GRIIS feed into National Clearing House Mechanisms (CHMs) under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) (right), via the Global Biodiversity Information Facility ( and its network of repositories. * This Scientific Data publication introduces GRIIS and provides the methods used to structure and populate it. # Country Editors contribute to verification and update of national checklists. The orange flags below outline the process by which information is updated and delivered. IPT; Integrated Publishing Toolkit. A&IS, alien and invasive species.

Methods were developed to facilitate transparent, repeatable analysis and reporting. Twenty country checklists are presented as exemplars; GRIIS Checklists for close to all countries globally will be submitted through the same process shortly. Over 11000 species records are currently in the 20 country exemplars alone, with environmental impact evidence for just over 20% of these. GRIIS provides significant support for countries to identify and prioritise invasive alien species, and establishes national and global baselines. In future this will enable a global system for sustainable monitoring of trends in biological invasions that affect the environment.

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